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Dungeon Keeper 2 #01 Livestream – Bad English Corner

Dungeon Keeper 2

The Dungeon Keeper 2 livestream we did that one time.

not this guy again. oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer.

4 komentarze

  1. Nice livestream and I enjoyed watching this video so much 😀 One disadvantage – no webcam.. and that’s bad, ’cause that should be nice to watch English streams like Polish 🙂
    I hope – and not only I, based on viewers’ comments on chat – you will continue stream in English sometimes – of course without forgetting about Polish streaming 😉

    „Three million viewers is more money..” – yeah.. Archon has 100 000 subscribers and he sold.. that’s sad. 😀

  2. Cool stream! I dont watched it, but i will watch it now.
    Arhon, make more streams like that!! It could be cool-i could learn some english etc.
    (but leave PokeDziałki in polish plz!)
    Best regards, redstonecraftpl

  3. Firstly: I sorry for my english… Secondly: see first number… 🙁

  4. Nice, for me kick the minions.


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